What is placemaking and why does it matter?

placemaking adj., n., v.

the art and practice of creating, preserving, and reinventing places – the physical settings where life and culture happen

Placemaking is an essential part of your ability to do good in your community. As you think about how you go about doing good, consider the following questions:

  • What is the place where you do good in your community? Is it a business? A park or plaza? A homeless shelter? A place of worship?

  • Is this place helping or hurting your ability to do this?

  • Are you able to build healthy relationships with the community/ies you serve through the current design of your place?

  • How does your place affect the mental health of those who use it – your customers, employees, guests, etc.?

  • If changes are necessary to your place, do you have the finances or knowledge of placemaking industries – community outreach, architecture, or construction, for example – to execute those changes?

  • Do you have an advocate to support you as you consider or pursue placemaking activities?

If your response was “I’m not sure” to any of the questions above, we would be delighted to help you find those answers, regardless of whether you hire us or not!


We are here to help...

If you are a nonprofit, a small business, or a citizen who simply wants to make their community a better place, we can assist you with your placemaking efforts.