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Asking the questions to help you get from "idea" to "service to the community"

Owner Representation & Project Management

Helping you find the right people for your project and overseeing the project through completion

Listening Sessions

Facilitating workshops that help you better understand the community you are trying to reach and stimulate their investment in your work

Impact Assessments

Helping you find and analyze data regarding the viability of your project and its impact in the community

Brand Activation

Developing your visual brand, built environments, and community outreach projects in ways that communicate your mission effectively to your target audience



From large- to small-scale, helping you conceptualize a plan to accomplish your mission and vision for helping your community

Master Planning

Creating or refining a long-range plan for how your property can evolve over time to effectively support your organization's programs

Architectural Concept

Helping you define a vision for what your physical place will become and understand its architectural programming needs

Landscape Architecture

Designing and programming the exterior portions of your site, in addition to planting design

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Color Consulting

Providing advice on how the materials used in your design will psychologically affect those who interact with it



Getting your community improvement projects realized

Construction Management

Overseeing your project's build-out to ensure that your vision is accurately achieved

Carpentry & Installation

Custom finish projects to help you execute your day-to-day needs - including but not limited to shelving, light fixtures, furniture, and garden boxes


Design, installation, and maintenance of plant beds, hardscapes, playgrounds, furniture, lighting, and more

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Exterior, interior, murals, and more: using color and art to help you create an environment that supplements your mission

See also: Color Consulting

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Land Development

Giving you the framework to execute your dream well

Real Estate Consulting

Helping you understand the right steps to take to execute your project

Development Policy Consulting

Researching local development policy; writing and reviewing code, standards, and guidelines

Land Use Feasibility Studies

Analysis on the ability of a property to achieve your intended goals - including but not limited to GIS mapping

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People Development

Equipping you and your community with the skills they need to execute a community transformation project

Education & Resources

Connecting you with people and tools to equip you to effectively execute your project

Speaking Engagements

Skills training in land development, construction, and brand management


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