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We provide community planning, design-build, research, and marketing services at affordable prices to help you achieve your goal of engaging your community.


Our Clients are Saying...


Lisa Drey, RN

“Without Neal’s reliability, trustworthiness, and consistency, I never could have focused my attention on my clients.”


Our Approach

We understand that making a difference in your community is not always easy. Neither is navigating the world of design, red tape, and contractors. We are here to help. We want to be your champion as you take the necessary steps to serve your community as effectively as possible.


(Some of) Our Experience

Campus Design & Planning

University Master Plan

St. Francis University College of Health and Allied Sciences

Ifakara, Tanzania


Development Code Writing

Landscape Committee Charter

Broadway Ramparts Homeowners Association

Centennial, Colorado, USA

Nonprofit Branding

Identity & Web Buildout

Congress for the New Urbanism Members Christian Caucus


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Our Team

Neal Heidt, Owner

Neal is a husband and social entrepreneur. He started Heidt and Depth in 2020 out of a drive to help you find creative ways to do good in your community. He understands that sometimes it just takes a person acting out of the goodness of their heart to get the job done right. Leveraging his broad range of experience in land development planning, real estate investment, landscaping, remodeling, graphic design, web management, and outreach, he is ready to come alongside you to make your vision a reality.


Our Strategic Partnerships

Who We Collaborate With

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