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Here to equip those doing good in their community with services and resources in


Is there a way to provide design and construction to those who want a better community but who do not fit the mold that most firms look for in a prospective client?

Heidt and Depth was created to answer this question.

If you have a heart to make a positive difference in your community, your efforts can be challenging enough as it is. Having to navigate red tape, contractors, esoteric jargon, and funding for projects related to the built environment can add to that challenge. Let us share this burden with you so that you can continue to serve your community at your fullest capacity.

Our Vision

We strive to enable all people to experience the heights and depths of God’s love through placemaking.

Our Mission


We equip – through design and project management – those using placemaking to do good in their communities.

What is Placemaking?

Placemaking is the strategizing, design, and stewardship (placekeeping) of environments that matter to a community. These environments include campuses, storefronts, community centers, and playgrounds, just to name a few (definition adapted from Wikipedia).

Services We Offer


Community Planning

Helping you develop a long-term strategy for the built environment while navigating the laws and policy already in place


Every step of the architectural process from design to construction; includes buildings, interiors, and landscaping

Public Art

Art installations – such as murals or sculptures – in highly visible places that intend to beautify a community or bring awareness to a subject matter

An Advocate for You

  • Owner's representation: In addition to providing one or more of the services listed above, some clients also engage us as their Owner's Representative. What does an owner's rep do? An owner's rep manages the design or construction project on their behalf – fighting for your vision before contractors and government officials, translating technical language for you, and approving no one else's work unless it is completed with quality and fully satisfies your vision.

  • Budgeting and funding: We can assist you in finding resources to make your project financially achievable.

  • Communicating your vision: An important supplement to these services is your ability to communicate your project to stakeholders, such as your board of directors or members of your community. We have done this for our clients in a variety of forms: speaking engagements, illustrations and renderings, GIS mapping, infographics, and even short films. Just let us know your intended audience and we can help you develop a strategy and execute it.

Client Selection


We give full consideration to any person, business, or organization who (1) has a desire to make a positive impact in their community and (2) needs or wants changes made to the built environment to make that happen – regardless of their understanding of placemaking or their ability to pay for our services. In our short history, many of our clients have been schools, nonprofits, and small businesses, but we are always welcoming opportunities to work for – and build relationships with – anyone who wants to build a better community for those around them.

Do we focus on a specific geographic area in our work?

Due to our extensive professional and personal network, the location of – or services required by – a project are typically not an obstacle. We have completed projects in all four hemispheres.


"Without (Heidt and Depth's) reliability, trustworthiness, and consistency, I never could have focused my attention on my clients while maintaining my property and making the necessary changes to it to expand my business."

Lisa Drey, RN

Client, Evergreen, Colorado

"Heidt and Depth has introduced us to tons of resources to shape our vision. They think creatively and inspire creativity. They are diligent and follow through."

Rev. Mike Wright

Client, Littleton, Colorado

"(Heidt and Depth) provided timely, high quality designs and renderings that far exceeded my expectations."

Bradley Hansen, PE

Collaborator, Cape Town, South Africa



Parade of Hearts

Selected work displayed in public art competition

Kansas City metro area

Collaboration with Element Ten

Crowdus Street 2.0

2nd place, international street design competition

Dallas, Texas

Collaboration with Studio Outside Landscape Architects

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