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Or, "why and how we ensure services for our clients who cannot afford them"

The Atypical Client = The Ideal Client

It would be easy for us to only take on projects that have adequate funding, but if we did that, we would be neglecting our Vision: to give all people an opportunity to positively impact their community through placemaking. One of our greatest passions at Heidt and Depth is maintaining our ability to offer our services to nonprofits, small businesses, and individuals at rates that make their impact in their community possible, not limit it. Therefore, for some projects, we provide our services below market rate or pro bono and turn to partners like you to defray the cost of our involvement on these projects. These costs include time, supplies, materials, and other overhead items.

The Adopt-a-Project Model

Each Adopt-a-Project partnership is specific to a project. Partners can choose which project(s) they would like to partner with us on and how they would like to partner (we are always open to creative ideas beyond financial gifts!). Alternatively, if a partner chooses to, they can contribute toward our General Project Fund where the partnership is earmarked for the next project in need of "adoption."

Partnerships are open to individuals, businesses, and organizations alike.

To thank our partners for their generosity, we provide them with behind-the-scenes insights into the project, platforms to connect with and gain visibility in our network, and more. 

Adopt-a-Project Benefits

(If you are having trouble reading the benefits list, please click here.)

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Current Adopt-a-Project Needs

Partnership needs vary depending on the project and the day. The best place to learn more about our latest project-specific needs is on our Current Projects page.

At this time, we do not share our progress toward our funding goals on our website. To inquire about progress toward funding goals on a specific project, please contact us.

Will You Adopt a Project?


To adopt a project, please click here:

Fine Print: Adopt-a-Project vs. Donations

Adopt-a-Project partnerships are not tax-deductible (for legal reasons). Instead, we incentivize them by providing our partners with the benefits listed above. We hope to provide tax-deductible status on your generous gifts in the near future.

If you would like to give a tax-deductible charitable donation toward our work instead, this is still possible on some projects by donating directly to our clients who have funds already set up for our work. You can do this through the Project Needs sections on our Current Projects page. Depending on the project, tax-deductible donations may not receive any of the Adopt-a-Project benefits listed above.

If you have any additional questions about the differences between Adopt-a-Project partnerships and charitable donations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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